Thursday, April 19, 2018

By Design Or Default...

I can either live my life By Design or By Default. Design requires intentional living 
and growth.... default requires nothing.

If I have a burning desire to make a difference and provide lasting impart in others it requires me to embrace intentional living in myself and empower and equip others to do the same. 

God creates us with a road map internally wired. It is however up to us to live it out to it's highest and best purpose. Are you living by design or default today? Which mode of operation are you in? Would you consider joining me in designing your life for greatest impact and becoming intentional in your pursuit?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What My Soul Craves...

I choose to live for what my soul craves... to uniquely add value ... to do what I can to empower and equip others to their best self, while living into and stretching mine.

It requires being intentional in my passion, purpose and pursuit.

What does your soul crave? Are you living it out... do you have an passion to fulfill the destiny God gave you? Can I encourage you that you were the only one born with the unique gift you have to offer the world?

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Blank Canvas...

I believe God gave me a blank canvas when I was born and whispered "Go create your destiny" and then handed me the paint and paint brush (tools) to create it. He allows me to be the artist of my own life, in fact He expects it. 

No one else can paint my picture or make the difference I was created to make. The brush is in my hands and I intend to be prayerful and intentional as I use it. Each stroke takes me to the next best highest version of myself. I know both the triumph and failures blend together to create my purpose on this canvas called life.

Who is painting your canvas? Is it you or have you allowed others to take the brush away.... Often we take a back seat role in our own lives thinking it is easier to let someone else do the hard stuff. Can I encourage you that the "hard stuff" is what set your life apart and creates you into a masterpiece? 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Divine Intent....

I know purpose comes from within. It works from the inside making it's presence known on the outside. I consciously choose to use live out my purpose, to magnify it to it's highest and best. This is not ego or arrogance... it's my Divine Intent, what God called and created me to be and do. 

Are you looking for your purpose everywhere but within? Possibly you are running around trying to "find yourself". Your SELF already knows what it is suppose to be. It is waiting on you to get still enough and mindful to it's presence. It exists and is waiting on you to set it free. Will you join me? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What's Your Why...

To pursue my purpose or live out MY WHY I must do activities and actions outside my comfort zone. This often requires me to change and up my game, so to speak. I cannot allow fear or doubt to keep my from my purpose. Nor can I wait for the ideal time. Very rarely does our Why gives us an invitation to meet up. We must pursue it to reach the next level of our highest and best self. 

What's your WHY? What is that one thing that fuels your passion? Can I encourage you to find and pursue it? Take Action. The other choice is to wait, hope and wish that our WHY finds us. We miss a huge amount of valuable time if we don't pursue it to our fullest ability. Join Me? 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Why Am I Here....

I acknowledge that it is up to me to be intentional about making my life matter. Doing this calls for action, not excuses. If I want to make a difference... I have to be the difference wherever I am, with whatever I have, day after day. 

Each of us regardless of birth, circumstances, capacity or opportunity have within us the ability to be a significant change maker. Some may have greater impact than others, but we all have the ability big or small. If we find our purpose.... our reason for being here, we usually stumble right in to how we can make a difference. 

Have you tapped into your "Why Am I Here" and become intentional about living out your purpose and being a difference maker? Can I encourage you to explore what you have to offer the world around you, big or small that creates a positive impact in you and in your tribe. Will you join me and take action today instead of excuses?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Are You Buried In The Pile...

I consciously choose to go beyond what is expected of me each day and to be aware of my contribution to the day.  We live in a time where the majority feels that we are doing well if we just do what is expected of us. However, the real joy and reward in life lies in stepping up and out and going above what is expected. 

Going beyond the call of our duty, doing more... walking that extra mile is what excellence is all about. To do this we have to "get out of the pile" of ordinary, doing only what is expected is for average or under achievers. Rising above average sets us up to live out our potential. 

Have you buried yourself in the pile of average achievers? Would you like to achieve more in life but don't know where to start? Can I encourage you that the best place to begin is expecting more out of yourself than others do .... giving more of yourself than required .... helping and serving others more than is necessary. If we only do what is required and necessary of us we set ourselves up to join the pile of ordinary and rarely achieve the extra-ordinary life God created for us. The ball is in our court as to what we want to achieve.