Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Perfect Peace....

I am in gratitude for well a developed faith muscle. It brings me many blessing, not the least of which is peace. I am promised  to be kept in "perfect peace" to the extent of which I have faith and trust in God, my Creator. The peace provided is all encompassing and  is independent of my circumstances. 

I have found that if I come from a place of gratitude and awareness for the lessons I receive wrapped in difficulty or challenging circumstances the more my peace expands. No one can take my peace unless I allow them to. I am in control of my faith and my ability to trust in the higher good.

In total transparency what would you say your faith muscle looks like? Weak or strong?  Does the least little thing or challenge cause you to doubt or become fearful, possibly worry? Can I encourage you that we can have peace that passes all understanding separate of our circumstances? It's a gift freely given... will you consider embracing it today?

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