Monday, April 9, 2018

Why Am I Here....

I acknowledge that it is up to me to be intentional about making my life matter. Doing this calls for action, not excuses. If I want to make a difference... I have to be the difference wherever I am, with whatever I have, day after day. 

Each of us regardless of birth, circumstances, capacity or opportunity have within us the ability to be a significant change maker. Some may have greater impact than others, but we all have the ability big or small. If we find our purpose.... our reason for being here, we usually stumble right in to how we can make a difference. 

Have you tapped into your "Why Am I Here" and become intentional about living out your purpose and being a difference maker? Can I encourage you to explore what you have to offer the world around you, big or small that creates a positive impact in you and in your tribe. Will you join me and take action today instead of excuses?

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