Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Do You Have to Say TO Yourself....

Being aware of my self-talk has been critical in my growth. The awareness that there is an ongoing dialogue going in my head and changing it to one of positive, affirming and value for myself allows me to have those same conversations and empowering expressions for others. 

By the age of 17 the average person has heard the words "no, you can't" 150,000 times and only heard "yes, you can" about 5000 times. It stands to reason that with that pattern or paradigm we are lead to believe "we can't" far more than "we can". 

If we want to change our life and the lives of others we must first change the way we talk to ourselves. You know.....those conversations no one else hears. Once we take control of the pattern of self talk we align ourselves to help others and be of service to empower, equip and encourage them as they change theirs. First, we have to change ours. 

Candidly look in the mirror right now and become aware of what you are saying TO yourself, about yourself .... for it is the pattern for how we talk to our children, our friends, our colleagues and our clients and often how they will talk to themselves and others. It's a pattern. Can I encourage you to OWN your self-talk instead today, instead of allowing it to own you. 

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