Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Growth Muscle....

I know I cannot improve and avoid change at the same time. Growth does not come form continually operating in my comfort zone. It is up to me to embrace change and push myself out of what feels comfortable. I work to develop my "growth muscle" knowing my greatest stretching season in life comes when I do something I have never done before. 

On more than one occasion this has caused me to grow in ways I never thought were possible. If I am constantly stretching myself and "believing that all things are possible with God" (Matthew 19:26) it becomes a joy to embrace the challenge or growth ahead. 

If you want to grow, change and be somewhere different tomorrow, next week or next year than you are today you must take risks.... some that often don't make sense upfront. That is where the believing and trusting in God comes in. Can I encourage you today to take the leap of faith... accept the challenge and develop that growth muscle? As you do you will also be embracing the destiny God created for you. Will you join me?

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