Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wishing, Wanting and Waiting....

I acknowledge that I can either wish, want and wait or take action and choose to grow and stretch myself to fulfill my dreams and live out the legacy God has for me. I know that my current situations in life are mainly due to the choices I make and the actions I take, or fail to to take. 

I choose to measure what I am currently doing against what I am capable of and use the tension that lies in that gap to propel me into a new level. I grow from the tension, not from repeating old actions. It is a choice whether to settle in at status quo or mediocrity or grow and forge a new path to the next highest best version of myself. 

Are you wishing wanting and waiting today? Possibly you know what your dream is or maybe you have no idea. I can promise you that you will get no closer to reaching it making excuses, defending your position or accepting it as your normal. Can I encourage you to change your destiny? It all starts with making one choice and achieving it, then another. Living out our destiny or creating a legacy is a process, not an overnight transformation. Will you join me? 

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