Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Storehouse Inside Me...

I am thankful for the opportunity to live in abundance.... knowing fully that abundance is not something I acquire, but instead something I choose to tune into. True prosperity or living in abundance is recognizing and being in gratitude for everything I already have. It is also understanding that I already possess inside me all the the things I need to fulfill my calling in this life.

God placed them inside me like jewels before I was born. But, just like prospecting for gold or hunting for diamonds it takes work to discover the storehouse of abundance. Being grateful for growth in the challenges and failures demonstrates the lifestyle of abundance not only to ourselves but to the others. One of the biggest lessons we can learn is to fail forward in humility and grace and still maintain an abundant mindset.

Are you deliberately living in abundance today? Possibly you think you will be abundant when you have money, good friends, a better job or improved health. Can I encourage you that you have that exactly backwards? You will have all those things the minute you start practicing a life of  thankful abundance! Join me??

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