Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Knowing My Environment....

I choose to envelope myself in a growth environment knowing who I surround myself with is crucial to creating the next highest best version of myself. I consciously accept that to grow and change I must be in an environment that has accountability, unmerited passion, a clear purpose and a desire to serve. 

By surrounding myself with people who are also working towards their higher purpose and in finding ways to help and serve them I in turn am propelling myself to a new level. It is the law reciprocity. The same works in reverse. If my surrounding are draining, negative or uninspiring that is what I am bringing full circle to my life. It's a choice who I allow into my personal growth space. 

What does your environment look like? Would you consider it one of growth? Does is push you to be the best you that you can be? Does it fuel you? Does it make you think? Or....possibly you have settled for less, gotten yourself in a rut and don't love or even like all aspects of your life. Can I encourage you to break out of the environment you are in? Look for people who can inspire, affirm, challenge and model the change you want in your life. I guarantee God has placed them within in reach. Will you join me in aspiring to find them today?

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